How this Bi-national Team Works

The GYMPSA/Titan Riggers team was called upon to transport a Verson 1000 press weighing about 300,000 pounds from Richmond, KY to Chihuahua City.

Titan Riggers took possession of the press in Richmond and using sub-contracted equipment, loaded the press, parts and accessories into low-boys, step-decks and flatbeds. Then Titan Riggers supervised the machinery’s transport to El Paso, Texas.

When the shipment arrived in El Paso, Titan Riggers handled the exportation process into Mexico and handed the cargo directly to GYMPSA that took responsibility to transport it to Chihuahua, Mexico. GYMPSA unloaded the cargo with its own 200 ton Liebher hydraulic crane.  Each component was placed on top of 4 appropriate dollies and rolled it using a forklift to the prepared platform where it was installed. GYMPSA own a set of 400 ton hydraulic gantries used to place each piece into its final position.

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